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Darko Dragic (21), a third year student of Italian language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka, at the age of 15, published his first novel 'Protocol Banja Luka', and recently released a sequel to this thriller 'Roman Conspiracy'.

Dragic, who, in addition to writing, also loves acting but also writing and directing, said his plan was to make a trilogy.

He decided to write a crime novel in the ninth grade of elementary school, when he first received a fifth in a written exercise and realized that his writing 'lies'. he used to watch crime films a lot and I read a lot of these novels, so it occurred to him to try to write a novel himself, which, as he says, he did 'in his breath '.

'At first I didn't understand what I had done, I was 15 and I thought it was a very ordinary thing, until I talked to a teacher, high school professors, other people who told me that it wasn't very small and the matter ', said Dragic, adding that he received numerous accolades for his first work.

'The Roman Conspiracy', which was recently published, began writing in the third grade of high school and after six months work, when the novel was almost finished, paused for about two years, only to finish and publish his second work this year.

In parallel with his writing, Dragic is also involved in acting as well as making films since 2014 year. For three years, his films were screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival in the category 'Teen Action', in which he won third place in 2016. He is planning to start shooting four short films soon, and he is also thinking of filming the 'Protocols of Banja Luka' and 'The Roman Conspiracy'.

'I would love to do this, but it would be a very big project. a big movie crew, and it would be extremely challenging to shoot. I don't think that's possible right now because I don't have enough experience to turn this story into a script that would be good, but in a few years as I mature I think I'll try to write the script so I'll see' Dragic said.

He does not rule out the possibility of translating his novels into Italian at one time, and is considering translating them into French, since this genre is a favorite in France. Before deciding on that step, he will wait for feedback from the audience on 'Roman Conspiracy '.

According to him, the experience of publishing books and the experience of his acquaintances say that it is very difficult to find today publisher.

'If you don't have your own funds you need sponsors. I was lucky so I came to a publishing house where I got a discount, which I'm very grateful for', he says.

He finds it extremely difficult for young artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina because institutional support is extremely weak.

'When you start something, you have to fight 24 hours a day to succeed', he said Dragic.

He stated that it is similar in all forms of art, because while the literature is at a bad level, the film industry is almost nonexistent.

'I think if one persists and if fights success sometimes he may not now, but in a few years he certainly will', said Darko Dragic.

In his generation, he says, there are those who adore reading and those who read very little. In addition to supporting the arts, Dragic believes that a great problem for young people is the mentality in this region and the experience of art as a waste of time, as many ask him why he is involved in writing.

'Art is at a critical level for us now. and the question is what will happen in the future, if nothing changes', said Darko Dragic.